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Always listen to your inner voice, that's right!

The truth of the other, does not need to be your truth. Everyone believes, feels, knows, on their own way. There is a lot written about spirituality. What is your truth?


I have read several books, many courses. In the beginning, years ago, when I started to develop me spiritually further, I sometimes didn’t know what to believe. In one course they told me to do this, and in another course they told me to do something completely different.

I listened to everything, thought about it but forgot to listen to my own feelings and opinions. I tried to figure out what was right for me and what wasn’t right . Searched all over the internet, but also there I saw different information. It just took me further away from my own feelings and opinions.

Eventually I'm listening to my inner voice, with each course and training I've done. Everywhere I've found something what resonated with me. The one is not less than the other, but it should fit you. Listen to the voice within, you are connected to the universal truth. You do not have to accept someone else’s believes and opinions. Ask yourself, what resonates with me? Don't give your power away, to a guru or spiritual leader.

Everyone believes in their own way. It's totally okay for you to look everywhere and take a bite to find out what is best for you, what suits me? From there you can from your own feeling and go your own truth. This makes you free. We are all different people, my truth does not need to be your truth.

Love Trudy Hekkert
Praktijk Heb vertrouwen

Translated by Ida Brandwacht.


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