The Universe is limitless

In fact

You are limitless

But along the way

Called the earthly route

The ego controls you

The more and the more

You forgot where you came from

A place of pure Love and Light!

And your Love and Light almost

Vanished away! Or completely

The ego holds you in the grip of life!

The grip of a false security

Fears, anxieties, pain and its negativity

It restricts your being so much!

You as a child of Light and Love

Are kept into boundaries and cadres

This limits your heart and soul

To spread its wings

And become wings of defeat

In stead of living your heart and soul

To discover and encounter the world!

The sky is the limit

The universe is without skies

As we can say

Therefore your soul is limitless

In its drive, in its hunger to evolve

Why do you let your ego’s control you?

Even rule your lives?

Where are you afraid of?

The limitlessness? Leaving your comfort zone?

By this way of thinking you miss opportunities

As possibilities, chances, meetings

But also coincidences

Universally called ‘synchronicities’

Ask yourself what holds you back?

Do you really give your ego so much power?

Yóu are in charge of your own life!!!

Never forget that! You intend to forget that all the time!

Is it out of disinterest, easiness or that you’re so busy?

To realize what yóu want in life?

To live what you really desire and want

Dreams maybe last forever in your hearts and souls

In the contrary chances go by, possibilities too

Even earthly time flies by!

Don not regret at the end what you missed

As you can make a choice, every single day again!!!

So, this points us to the main question

Whát DO yóu want to live?

Your dreams ór your fears?

Will you continue to stick in your daily rat race?

Or you step aside and DO what you LOVE to DO?

What will you contribute in Love, for the Love

And with Love to yourself?

What is the Love you contribute to the world?

Or do you only follow your ego and

What keeps you limited in its boundaries?

So step up!


Shake up!

Move on!

Set the goals of your dreams!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love

B Engeltje (Irmgard)


Engelse lezing: ‘‘De volgende stap...”

Jeshua vertelde eerder dat we in dit leven een cyclus van levens afmaken. Tegelijkertijd komt er een einde aan een planetaire cyclus, omdat ook de aarde ook naar een andere vibratie verschuift. Waar staan we nu en waar moeten we ons op focussen in deze tijd van transitie?


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