Open your heart for Love

Open your heart for Love

Being kind to yourself is a key that should be your motivation. If you are not nice to yourself and continually reject yourself, then you also reject the world. You let the ego take over and remain in that safe comfort zone that does not bring you anything. 

It's difficult and not learned in one day, because it involves a whole change in behavioral patterns. To do things differently than you are used to. Something that has helped you to protect all that time is now preventing you from actually living. And life can be so much nicer if you want to see it. 

If you are nice to yourself and therefore allow people and situations in your life more and no longer run away from it or avoid it, then beautiful things arise. You go on an adventure with yourself and you learn to know yourself in a completely different way. You will go deep and you will discover that you have much more potential that can bring back talents that you did not know. Some talents are often not recognizable, because they are so specific. Something that goes naturally for you, but for someone else is a very nice inspiration. Everyone has talents and you discover them by doing more things, that way you step back into life. Your heart follows and is more open to what is coming.


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