Your body is listening

Your body is listening..

Did you know that your body and your cells are very intelligent? Did you know that they hear everything you say, do and think? Did you know that you have been creating your life all these years, by talking to yourself all kinds of stories? Did you know that it is within reach to change your life?

Because your body can hear exactly what you say and your cells can respond to it. If you have told yourself all the time that you can not do something, then your cells will respond to it. If you continuously tell yourself that you can not lose weight, then your body will believe that and then those cells will listen to you. 

If you continuously tell yourself that you are sick, those cells will believe you. Or if you constantly tell yourself that you drink alcohol, eat meat or smoke, then your body will believe you and the story you have been told. If you tell yourself that you can lose weight, then you go for it and then your mindset changes. If you really want it, then you do that and then your cells and therefore your body believe you. 'Where there is a will, is a way'. And if you really want to, you go for it. So if you are going to learn for yourself to change your mindset, from being unable to, to being able to. Then you will see how your life can change. If you teach it yourself and if you believe in it. And the latter is perhaps the most difficult of all this, because you have told yourself a certain story all those years. A story that you yourself have come to believe, that it is difficult to change that mindset. And that it is difficult to believe another story, and that you create your own world; 


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