In this restaurant, the owners Nikos and Katarina prepare more than 2,000 meals per day for refugees who can eat here and escape the misery of the camps. You can imagine the enormous amount of food that is needed to realize this every day. We also want to ask you to share your wealth with these people in need. That is why we now start with the '55 for Lesbos' campaign.

You are having feelings of standing alone in all of this and with moments you can barely keep your head above water. Sometimes you can not see the light at the end of the tunnel, because you are overpowered by the dark. The dark that we so badly want and we fight so hard against, because we want to see the light. But how do you do that if you only have had to fight almost your whole life? How do you get out of that vicious circle of “misery” and the black hole?

Highly sensitive people carry a light, beautiful energy, but it’s foremost them who collect dark, heavy energies during their childhoods. As adults, they tend to struggle with that. In this article, I try to explain what causes this and what they can do about it.

We are all gaining momentum for a higher level of consciousness and sometimes you even have to catch your breath and see what is happening around you. Partly you can get angry by what is going on in the world and start to assemble pieces of the puzzle and another part of you can get more faith. It depends entirely on which level of consciousness you are. The more you are involved, the more you learn and the more aware you become.

We are all in a transformation to the light, whether we believe it or not. Of course this does not go without a struggle and everyone experiences the necessary inconveniences, but it is all for a good cause. Happiness is something we seek outside ourselves to a large extent and we strive to the bitter end. But at what costs and under what conditions? Are you really happy? Or are you trying to keep up appearances?

Mary Magdalene was regarded as "the forbidden female" in the Christian tradition: wild, free and sinful. This book contains a dialogue with and messages from Mary Magdalene, channeled by Pamela Kribbe (PhD). It is about male and female energy, relationships, sexuality and healing.

First, it is important to be happy with yourself. From there you can give and receive love from your heart. You do not have to depend on someone else, all you need and long for is in you. It is often the uncertainty of yourself. Find out if the pain comes from your inner child. Were you not always seen? Did you do your very best to be seen? Was your only worry for the other and did you forget you yourself?

I listened to everything, thought about it but forgot to listen to my own feelings and opinions. I tried to figure out what was right for me and what wasn’t right . Searched all over the internet, but also there I saw different information. It just took me further away from my own feelings and opinions.

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