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The other day we came across FB posts about the Flower of Life, that it would be corrupt and the Flower of Life was called the 'Daisy of Death' in the article in question. This article led internationally to discussions and confusion among lightworkers. I read the article and I got a headache (which happens often when I read texts written from an unbalanced mental focus without the heart being involved).

Because the Flower of Life is so interwoven with who we are and what we stand for at the moment, we tuned in to the Flower of Life during our meditation and we asked questions to I AM THAT I AM to get more clarity.

Below the information that came through.

“The flower of life is just a symbol of how nature works, nothing more, nothing less.

And it is the intent you put in it that makes it constructive or destructive. It all starts with a sphere. There is no other basic shape than a sphere. And there is only one way spheres divide.

So there is nothing wrong with the flower of life. The flower of life is just a symbol of nature, and the balance nature seeks, always. Infuse it with your light, and there is creation. Infuse it with your darkness, and it is destruction. It is just the way cells divide and multiply. Because, when they divide, they stay connected with each other in the core of the sphere, and so they stay connected with the Source of the first sphere. And in staying connected with the Light of the Source, they embody the Source themselves. And if you divide from Source, staying in Source is the only way you can divide a sphere. This is law at 3D, but also law at all dimensions above. That is the way the Law of One flows through the separation. So particles are never separate from their Source, it only looks that way.

What is important, is what the core of the first sphere is made of. Is Source in its core, or has it been corrupted by the Dark. And yes, the geometry has been misused by the ones that are in power now, by the Darkness. Just forgive that side, and hold that side within your heart, within your Light, and it vanishes.

This whole discussion about the Flower Of Life is an attempt of the Dark Side to split the world of Light into confusion, just another way to get power over Light, knowing they are losing. About the Dark Side, it is the Female side of Creation. It’s the female energy that is misformed by the dark intentions. It lost its purity. That is why we have to embrace the Dark Side, so when we can put the Feminine Side into the Light of the heart, so it neutralizes in just what it is, without all the miscreation. Lucifer wanted to play God without taking Source with him. He went creating using the Female energy to misform the Male energy, and using the Male energy to misguide and infiltrate the Female energy. Just embody both sides in the heart.

Concerning the Fibonacci, it’s about the beauty that lies within the Golden Spiral. The binary system suggestion is a suggestion of the mind, without the heart. It is the infinity of the heart that lies within the Golden Spiral, that makes it beautiful. And again, it’s not the mathematical laws that are right or wrong, it’s the intent, the way it is used.

Q: So the Fibonacci spiral is not intrinsically parasitic, lacking a connection to Source?

A: No, it is not, it is the infinity in the numbers that contains the Source! The infinity is so important.

Q: What about what was said about Metatron?

A: There are two Metatrons. One serving the Light, and one serving the Darkness. Just like every being has two parts, one serving the Light, one serving the Darkness. And every one of us chooses which one they want to live, see, feel, touch, hear. Congruent to their vibrational reality at that time. It’s just a matter of choosing which world you want to live in, it all comes down to that. And by embodying both sides, we neutralize. Every being in the Light has its double in the Darkness. That is just the law of how the universe works. Just like the story of Lucifer, creating his own universe, reality, outside of the Source. And then later becoming part of the Source again. It is just an integration process.

Q: How about the circle, often placed around the Flower of Life? It suggests a limit on the possibility to expand. I have seen discussion about that as well, the circle being a form of manipulation.

A: At a certain point, a creation is finished, and you give it a boundary to indicate it is finished. And if you wish to expand this creation, you just remove the circle, and continue creating. It is just about how large you wish your creation is to become. At some point, you’ll wish to define boundaries. It is you saying: this is my house, and next door someone else builds his house. Just like your aura, it too has a boundary. And when you make your aura too large, you will impose on the space of others. Boundaries are an expression of individualism within the great unified whole. And they also give a sense of security, like the membrane around cell division in the womb.”

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