My Galactic family the Arcturians - One of my first conscious experiences - Marcel ter Veer - Lightraisers

I lay in bed in the morning, staring at the ceiling, half asleep and half awake. Suddenly I noticed that I was shifting into a different kind of consciousness. Telepathically contact was made with me: a creature, Arcturian, blue-like head I saw with huge enormous almond-shaped eyes. He looked down on me from above, say. It was made clear to me and suddenly came in, the realization: I am an Arcturian. I felt Arcturus again, the energy, it was coming home, a warm desire awoke in me and I started crying again, but also consciously, that I had to control my emotions.

 This was my penultimate incarnation: the feelings that came loose: I had to cry very hard and felt that I wanted to go directly to "home", but I am here. on earth. I was reassured.

My emotions were balanced. Arcturians are highly evolved beings, and their lower self has no function anymore, because they live from unity consciousness and Love. I now understand my indignation better, why people sometimes interact with each other in a respectless way, I feel so extreme, what is not, Love. I have asked if I can communicate with my family, receive the language remembrance again, this will also happen, Arcturians only communicate telepathically, which naturally fits well with me of course. Telepathic was communicated with me. I discover a core task again and what it entails.

It has to do with it, that I, as Arcturians, keep the keys of the light body and of raising the consciousness of mankind. I belonged on Arcturus, to the counsel of, The Keepers of the earth! I seem to have an ancestral gift to speak about what is needed, to let others realize that they are Light, and that they have the ability to create from Light. We are the healers of the light body and have the gift to build other energy bodies, such as the light bodies that co-create in the group consciousness.

Now I do not know exactly what my role is; in this case, as a Lightworker, but that will be made clear to me, I assume. We are now working on an alignment that I can "download", called Arcturians, so that I can learn to communicate better with my My galactic family.

I still had to get used to their extremely high vibration. Since they have evolved so far. What an emotionally intense half an hour this has been and what an impact all this has and still.

I notice that I am getting used to, the Arcturian Guides in my life, the communication, telepathic communicating.

Their high vibration. I notice that I myself always live in a higher vibration. This of course has everything to do with the process I am now in the middle of. Meanwhile I have had a session with a friendly healer and this integration is going well. What happens a lot and what a beautiful time we live in. I feel grateful for this and realize that I still have a number of core tasks to fulfill. Time will tell me. Knowing that I may receive support from my Galactic family the Arcturians.

Meanwhile we are a few years further, and what has it brought me some good things, The Artcurian Healings that I also give in groups, miracles happen here and go much deeper, there is so much more possible if I completely surrender to my Arcturian and the Arctiurian Light Guides, the process continues and I now reap the benefits every day. Grateful!

To be continued…

© Marcel ter Veer

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