Go with the flow of your Soul - B Engeltje - Lightraisers

In the acceptance of your being

Go with the inner flow

Adapt you to life how it comes

Never abandon your true you

Surrender in belief and prospect

Try to stay in the now!

As the most brief and secure moment

You will ever live

Surrender to the path

The path of your loving being

Accept what is coming

Never hesitate about universal plans

Or the universal agenda

Stay grounded and be open minded

To receive what is yours, universally seen

And live your own truth!

The truth of your being is always there

It lays deep beneath in the awareness of your you

Called the source of who you are, the soul

In the blueprint of your being, the essence

You will find your life plan

What is inherent to the universal plan

Just follow the plan and you will be much happier

As in these cadres of life, lies all what you

Have to live to gain the most happy version of yourself!

All you need is already there!

You just have to realize that

In the openness of your heart

You will find your soul

Waiting for you to live its purpose in life

As we proclaim to say live your soul completely

Within the borders of acceptance

And surrender to what is meant for you

We kindly ask you, dear child, stick to this plan!

As we know you have no options

Beside living your soul and the universal plan for you

Please do this in dedication, belief and surrender

Trust, trust and trust!!! That is what we want to say

Remain having trust in the greatness of your soul path

In the universal plan and also the universal agenda

We know you’re so impatient!

But we think it is essential to keep the faith

To be aware that your harsh times are over

And it is almost time to fly!!!

We give you wings to fly

So that you can oversee your destination

Where your path of the soul leads to

Accept, we emphasize this one more time, SURRENDER

To what is yours! What is coming

Stick to the facts. Stick to what we have told you

Over and over again and what is our truth

The universal truth. YOUR truth!!!

What you see, is the truth! Please rely on that, dear child!

Go, move, hurry and GET more space and ‘room’ within

To make place for the universal arranged life matters

What will come and cross your path soon

Be not afraid, dear child, we are there to comfort you

To make things at ease. Just ask!

You are loved, surrounded and helped by so many light beings

Be aware of that! Feel the Love of the universe


We are always there to help and assist you. You know that!

Go with the flow! Go with the flow of your soul!!!

We know that you are afraid about what is coming

We feel your energy when you think about that

On one hand it excites you but on the other hand it scares you

Because you will live parts that you don’t have lived yet

Just relax, stay in the now and look what is coming

Start from a spaceful inner being and surrender

That is all what we ask. One step at the time

Will also bring you the Love you deserve!

You are literally ready for taking of soon

Stay where you are. Don’t run away!

When things become too close or unexpected

Just breathe, don’t be scared, let it be!

Go with the soul flow and you know already where it goes to

Of must we say to whom?

Leave where you are with your wings, wings of Love

And fly, fly high as you are able to

Bring the sparks of Love into the universe!

Reach out and touch for the stars

Stars of Light on the firmament

Sparkle your sparkles of Love on others

Sparkle your sparkles of Light on others

Be the Light and Love we want you to be

Touch others with your Love, Light and being

Let you be carried with Love, through Love

The deep, deep soul Love in life

In order to fulfil your task!

The task seen in the Light and Love of our dimension.

Go with the Love flow, dear earthly sister. Sister of Love

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by B Engeltje (Irmgard)


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