Just let me be

How I want to just BE

no one bothering me

nothing else on my mind

leave illusions behind

For now, let me be

where I can be free

to stay deep inside

to meet what had to hide

I want to surrender

with permission so tender

to rest and to sleep

to sigh and to weep

The lives were so tough

without warming love

but I'm loving right here

inside every tear

Just let me recover

with my inner lover

in silence and peace

my final release


Of all that I've been

that did stay unseen

now I'm open for Light

with God I'll abide

Wanna breathe with the stars

let truth heal my scars

feeling one with all life

let Love be my drive

I'm sacred and wise

and soon I will rise

as Divine, for I AM




Blessed be, let me BE

Mieke Vulink


Lichtwerkers Nederland
Lightraisers Worldwide


Davy en Denise Diekstra






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