Gratitude and manifestation

Everyone is expressing his or her gratitude as we enter the new year. And that is of course very nice that you just think about the fact that you have so much to be grateful for. It is very nice that you realize that you have enough to be thankful for. Gratitude ensures that you can count your blessings. It gives you a sense that you have enough, and how much you do not have. Without looking at your desires and / or shortages. Something we do all too often. Looking at what we desire and what we do not have yet. But in fact you already have everything and what you do not have, will come to you at the right time. You can trust that. Sometimes there are certain lessons that can be learned, lessons that help you to appreciate certain things.

Sometimes it is a habit to always want everything and to think in shortages, that gratitude for even the smallest things is forgotten. We can be grateful every day for what we have in our lives, because every day is a blessing. Every day that you are not alone, or that you just have to do it alone, which will make you stronger. Every day grateful for a roof over your head, and the food you can eat. Every day for the love you can and may receive from animals, friends, family and especially yourself. Because you should always be allowed to come first. Every day grateful for all the little blessings, such as the rising sun, the fact that you are healthy, that you have eyes to see everything, have ears to hear everything. That you have all your senses, that make your life more beautiful. Thankful that you do everything so well and have arranged well, in a world that expects the most from you. Thankful that you have been able to learn and learn so many lessons. Grateful for the path you walk that has brought you so much adventure. And so I can go on and on. But you can be grateful every day, if you just think about it every day.

My gratitude

I want to show my gratitude to all my followers, who give me courage on my path. Give courage to continue, to speak from my heart. I too often have my doubts in this. I am grateful for the strength I have received through all my heavy lessons. The heavy lessons that I have learned, and can pass on again. I am grateful for all the dear people who have come on my path and are yet to come. I am grateful for the beautiful times, of love, joy and pleasure. But I am also grateful for the tears I left, who helped me to heal. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have received and continue to receive. I am grateful for the nice cooperation with various parties that helped me in my development. I am grateful for everything and everyone who has passed my life and has taught me all the lessons. Who has brought my life so much joy and love. I am grateful for my friends and family, especially my family who support me through thick and thin. I am grateful for the chance that I have been given all this time alone, who has brought me self-love and self-knowledge. I am grateful that I have learned to trust and build on myself. I am grateful for my talents and creativity. I am grateful for all the trust I have received from all people who have come into my life. I am grateful for all positivity and love. I am grateful for all the blessings, that I have everything my heart desires, and also for everything I do not yet have, which ensures that I will continue to achieve my goals.

Next year will be a year to ...

More loving relationships, even more quality time with myself and others. More love, joy, happiness and success. Even more collaborations and even more adventure. Even more traveling, inner and outer. More to follow my heart in all confidence. Even more confidence in the process and how everything unfolds. Even more inner strength, but from softness and vulnerability. To open my heart even more, because I too deserve to experience true love. Even more my authentic self. Even more self-confidence and to show and shine myself. Even more to show my light. More self-esteem and what I want to stand for. To be able to give and receive even more love. Receive even more learning in love, so giving and receiving will be in balance. Even more wisdom, honesty and openness. Still better health, with more movement. Even more finding my physical balance and achieving my goals. Let go more and more what no longer serves me. Even more steps out of my comfort zone. Even more sun and more traveling full of adventure and fun.

Even more healing for myself and the people I can help. Even more prosperity and abundance for me and everyone. Even more peace and love on earth. Even more harvesting and even more wonder. Even more harmony and balance for myself and the world. Even more awareness and spiritual growth. More people I can and may help. Develop even more talents. Even more floor. Even more insight and personal development. Even more discipline and motivation. Even more creativity and inspiration for myself and others. Even more decisiveness and courage. Even more spontaneity and cheerfulness. And last but not least a carefree life.


Love D


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