Choose for your happiness

You cannot expect your life to be fun if you always look at misery in the news and the newspaper, and do it day in and day out. 

Because then that becomes reality. 

If you look in the news every day and see terror and killing and political struggle and go along with it, you only feed your reality with this misery. 

This is what your world will look like, because you feed your soul every day only with these messages and these images. 

You only become angry in a world that you have no influence on yourself. 

You only influence "your" reality and how you see things. 

Fill your soul and your thoughts with fun things in life, with things that make you happy. 

Turn off the news and don't buy a newspaper, get out of that matrix that shows your soul only the negative side of the world. 

Choose to color your world again. Go outside and enjoy the different seasons, make time for your friends and pamper yourself. 

Go and watch nice romantic movies or feel-good films, which make your heart happy and joyful. 

Do not tell yourself that you have to know everything about what happens in the world, because you do not change anything on your own if something happens on the other side of the world. 

Continue to choose for your happiness and feed your soul with just love and happiness. 

Try it for a month first and you will see how quickly your life changes and you can change your thinking. 

Choose for yourself and create your own world so beautiful that you no longer desire to look for anything negative 

because you know it can be done differently. 

Be the change you want to see in the world. Everyone deserves happiness and it is there for everyone, if you just want to see it, if you only choose it. 

You choose to stand in a certain role and / or stay, is that the victim role or do you take on another role, by taking control again? 

It is completely up to you. Choose happiness for you, because you are worth it. 

You will see that your life will change magically if you are willing to see it.


Love D

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