Lightraisers: A message to you all !

Dear children,

Another earthly year almost has come to an end. Life flies by, as we know, we notice and see that. Here we have eternity, but that’s just an universal fact. What we want to tell you is that when you live your lives rapidly, without awareness, deeper feelings and you almost all go on and on. Like you are a participant in a rat race, called the earthly race of life! Crisscross you go, you know, without knowing where to go. Even without realizing that your life clock is ticking and passing by. You run without purpose, without any clue whether you go this way or that way. We do not count the material way. You know exactly what we mean. That you are driven by goals and purposes of materialism! That you want that job with a larger status and income than before, a larger car, a greater house, a more exciting life to live without any boundaries in materialistic sight. When you’re driven by this lifestyle and mindset you actually miss a lot, we can say. Life isn’t about chasing what you want in things, must-haves and what you want to reach in every materialistic goal. By even using your mind and adaption to gain what your mind desires. Dear children, that is not what is all about in life!

Life is, universally seen, all about chasing your dreams!!! Dreams of life fulfillment with Love and a radiant loving heart. That you live your souls as the souls are the energetical awareness of your earthly adaption. The main reason that you gave birth to life is that a task is assigned to your soul. We, the universe, the dimension of Love and Light, assign a task to almost each energetical soul, with enough universal energy to go on. A task seen in the Love and Light of our loving dimension. Each soul has an energetical amount of Love and Light within. We choose to assign souls a task to in the soul world (in our loving dimension) or in your world (the earthly dimension). Sometimes a soul volunteers for a task in your dimension, but we have to say these are not the kind of lives you and you adaption want. They are often full of earthly pains, sufferings and sorrows. Not the most easiest lives on earth!

Well, what we intend to say is you gave birth on earth to fulfill a task seen in the Light and Love of our dimension. That is what you really came for! Your soul was soaked with Love and Light when you gave birth but along the route, during your earthly lives, most of you people lost connection with their souls. This means that in fact you lost connection with your heart, the Love and the Light. The Love and Light within your loving souls. What involves that you lose the bond, the alignment with your soul and earthly adaption (the body and the mind). As the soul knows your life purpose, your task on earth, you forgot in fact the essence of your being. And merely, the purpose of your life! As the blueprint of your earthly lives lays in your souls, you even than can’t find and reach for your own life map! And that is, we have to say this as your universe, said by your brothers of Love, a real pity! A miscalculation from the universe. That is why we keep on telling you, inform you, advice you and help you all to find your Love and Light back. As Love is all and your souls need Love and Light to live! To bloom! To radiate and spread Love and Light.

What we want to emphasize in this loving message to you all is stop chasing what is not important in life! Stop with wanting things. Stop with filling your houses with more earthly clutter as all this clutter and things are blocking your energy and yourself! Stop with filling your memories with all that exciting things you might do. All that extremities we cannot understand that. That is not what life is about, dear children. True life fulfillment is about chasing the dreams you have. What lives in your hearts and souls! Not about all the material things you have or must have! Not about that job with more prestige, status or a higher income! Life is about what you Love to do and that you do this with great dedication, Love and devotion. That is what we want! That is what we wish!

We kindly ask you dear children to live your lives by the heart. We keep on telling this and we will return to pronounce, to proclaim and to spread our words of Love. Seen in the Light and Love of our dimension. That is how we foresee it! For you all! Living by the heart is so essential. As the heart is the residence of your loving soul. The heart is the seat of your soul! Your soul is embedded in the chambers of the energetical motor of your existence, your warm, caring and loving heart. You aren’t able to live your soul with the mind. The ego. We, the universe, despise the ego. We have to say this in this way, to be clear and understanding.


We said it before, but the ego will limit your lives as much as possible. Not in consciousness. This is the way how the ego works! The ego ‘likes’ negative emotions like hate, sorrow, grief, anxiety, sadness and depression. It cherishes itself in these negative thoughts. Therefore your adaption might be insecure, uncertain and lack confidence. That is not how we want it! As the heart has such beautiful emotions like joyfulness, happiness, contentment, gratefulness, compassion, Love, lots of Love(!!!), kindfulness, carefulness, helpfulness and so on. What we want to emphasize is that there is a huge difference by living by the ego or living by the heart!

The heart, as ‘homie’ as seat for your soul, knows your true path! As the soul holds the route map of your life within. Why, dear children, tell us why don’t you live by your hearts and souls as they will fulfill your lives far more than the ego ever will? We do not understand that! Don’t you want to chase your dreams? Don’t you have dreams at all? Why is that, dear children? Does you ego holds you back so much? Where are you afraid of? Is it insecurity, lack of confidence or do we have to conclude that you have no clue whatever your dreams are? Is that true? You don’t know who you actually are? As the essence of your being, your truthful, authentic you is not revealed yet? Isn’t unfolded? O, dear, dear! It is time for you to acquaintance yourself with your true (inner) being! Life didn’t gave you a self-reflection, a introspection for so far? We say this because life, represented by your universe, often ‘force’ you, by the life issues and ‘hazards’ we throw at you, to take action that you have no other choice than opening your heart. Do not make us ‘force’ you! To take action and put your life upside down by interfering! This is not a warning, don’t see this like that.


We just want you to realize that life is more than the rat race you follow. It’s about chasing your dreams, using your God given talents for your own happiness and the greater good (to serve the universe), living your qualities and possibilities. That is what makes your souls happy! This is what we proclaim to say. This will make you a happy soul! By living your heart and soul.

The moment you live your souls, and the path of the soul is clear for you we always are there to help you! Because your soul is aligned with your earthly adaption and therefore energetically aligned with our dimension of Love and Light. Isn’t that great, dear children? This would be such an universal achievement! That your soul lives the plan of the soul and that you, with your earthly adaption, Love what you do. And do what you love!!! This is what we want for you all. That you are all be happy, happier and that happiness will nourish your souls so deeply that it generates its own Love! As Love, we keep on saying this, is all!!! Love is all there is, Love is all we want you to live. Because Love is the pillar of our dimension. Besides the Light, that is the other pillar. So we know were we are talking about! Never doubt that!!!

Live those hearts! Live those souls! Live the Love!

Generate Love and sow it! Spread it with all your being so that others can harvest your flowers of Love!!! Open your souls and live them so deeply that your own inner flower begins to bloom. To grow seeds. And these seeds of Love may be spread to others. On a large scale. That the whole earth will be covered with flowers. That is what we want. And this is what we foresee. We are headed to the fourth dimension. We are working hard on this. We will keep it short now. But we come back to tell you again about the transformation to the fourth dimension. Your world, your dimension is in a shift. It is already beginning, moving. That is why you can hear and read much about it! Many lightworkers are active now. To inspire you with Love, in acts, words and deeds, to make you aware that living by the hearts and souls is the best you can ever do in your, time limited, lives. To make your souls evolve and make yourself a happier human being! And that, dear children, would be great!

We wish you all the best in another earthly year. We hope that our Love and Light may reach you in your hearts and souls that you will be the best version of yourself, the happiest human being there can be and the most loving creature there exist. And that all seen in the Love and Light of our profound, loving dimension.

Your universe, the dimension of Love and Light, represented by the brothers of Love

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love

by B Engeltje (Irmgard)


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